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40’s Photo Shoot

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Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry

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First Photo

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40’s Fashion Shoot Jennifer M. Style!

So this is my model Jen rocking the 40’s fashion shoot. I have found that if you photograph a model that is willing to go out of her comfort zone, out of that box, you will come out with amazing photos. From the beginning of our trip, God was already showing us his beauty. We traveled to the beautiful town of Harpers Ferry. Breath taking scenery full of history, and memories. We started taking pictures at the train station, a beautiful vintage view. When all of a sudden a train came by, and as a photographer I couldn’t have been happier haha. Trains make an amazing background, give awesome air that a fan could never achieve, and provide two beginner individuals an amazing experience. I am over all excited with Part 1 of our photo shoot. I am very proud of my model, the way she goes along with my crazy ideas, and I am very proud of myself for actually taking this idea and making it a reality. Over everything I thank God for giving me this talent that I plan to polish, and give Him all theImage40 credit. There will be a part 2 coming soon, and a part 3! 😀

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